The Mewstone Candle Company is one of our fabulous 'From Across the Border' suppliers. Their  candles give an absolutely fabulous fragrance which will fill your home. Each candle is hand mixed, hand poured, labelled and packed and that's how Mewstone plan to keep it. So treat your senses  and fill your home with the scent of Sea Salt & Driftwood or Seaweed & Juniper' to transport you back to the glorious coastlines of the South West!


Melt Burner pictured is by Jon Brewster, available on the 'ceramics' page.

Mewstone Candles

  • Candle care:

    When you first light your candle, leave it to flicker away gently until a wax pool forms across the entire top of the candle. Once this happens a beautiful fragrance will start to fill the room. 

    It is essential to do this the first time you light you candles as this will stop the candle from tunnelling and will guarantee a smooth burn all the way to the base of the tin.

    Never leave your candle unattended and always ensure it is fully extinguished when you blow it out. Always burn candels responsibly, keep away from children and pets and never leave buring candles unatended. Do not burn in drafts or near flamible items.See pack for more information

    Beautiful hand crafted, small batch, 100% Soy Wax Candles. Made using paraben free, vegan friendly fragrances and organic cotton wicks in South Devon. Will burn for approximately 50 hours, giving a gentle background fragrance, guaranteed to lift your spirits.